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Rules for using Bridge Meadow Fields


The Tyngsboro Recreation Department and the Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association have devoted substantial time and resources to improving the playing facilities for the youth, school and adult soccer programs. There are over 50 teams using three playing facilities, Bridgemeadow (BM), Community Center (CC) and Early Childhood Center (ECC), so please be considerate of others.   As users of these fields, you are required to abide by the following rules to maintain the best possible playing facilities for all. 

  1. BM: All parking must be in the BM lot. Do not drop off, pick up or park on Clover Hill Road. No parking on Stone Ridge Road is permitted. CC and ECC: all parking must be in the lot. Please leave an empty space at each field and an access point at ECC for emergency vehicles.
  2. BM: The Clover Hill Road emergency access is not to be used by any coach. Vehicles are not permitted on the access road. All coaches must carry in their equipment. This road is for emergency and highway department use only. No one should be driving any vehicles on fields.
  3. BM: Bathrooms are to be locked each evening. Whether you opened them or not, if you are the last coach on the field, lock the bathrooms. 
  4. Bathrooms and fields are to be left spotless! All trash, water bottles, etc is to be picked up from the field. Coaches are responsible for the clean up of the opposing visiting team bench!
  5. Report issues with the port-o-potties to the TYSA Field Coordinator
  6. Reports all vandalism to the Recreation Dept or the TYSA Field Coordinator.
  1. All field closures will be posted on the front page of the TYSA website as well as early/late season closings on the Recreation Website. Keep an eye on the TYSA website – fields may be closed if it rains. Use of fields when closed will result in forfeiture of issued field permits.
  2. The town cuts the fields on Wednesday or Thursdays. TYSA lines the fields on Thursday or Friday evenings. Please have your players move to another area of the field if the lining crew is coming through. Please ask the players to avoid the fresh paint until it dries (takes just a few minutes)
  3. If the goal areas are wet, muddy or worn, pull the goals into the field to prevent further wear and tear. Do not practice in muddy goals! Keep players off areas with standing water.
  4. Do not let players purposely dig holes or ruts into the field with their cleats!
  5. Keep children out of the Memorial Garden at BM.
  6. If an area of the field is marked off for repairs, do not remove the stakes or permit players to enter that area of the field.
  1. Goals may be moved for practices but they must be returned to the game position at the end of use. Goals are to be moved by adults only!
  2. Goals must be secured during all practices and games with weights. If you move the goals, move the weights!
  3. Do not permit players to hang on the goals or the nets. Children are seriously injured or killed every year by goals toppling over.

Field Schedules

  1. The Tyngsboro Recreation Department issued permits to TYSA and other groups/organizations for dates and times of use. Check with the TYSA age division coordinator or the TYSA Field Coordinator prior to scheduling any make up games or practices outside of the time already allocated for your team. We will try to keep the TYSA website updated with all known uses of the each field location. Non-TYSA groups are to contact the Recreation Dept for field availability.
  2. The Recreation Dept Code of Conduct, Zero Tolerance Policy, applies to the use of all fields.
  3. If there are scheduling conflicts with field usage, do not resolve it with the other users.  Report conflicts to the field coordinator for your organization who will address with the Recreation Dept.

Additional rules/guidelines apply as per the permit issued by the Tyngsboro Recreation Dept.