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Guildelines for the use of Pierce Field

at Tyngsborough High School



1.  Goals are to be carefully set in place, do not drag on the turf!
2.  Goals are to be returned to the grass area (not the turf) at the end of the fields
3.  Do not use the Track & Field pads as goal weights
4.  Only water is permitted on the field - sports drinks/soda/coffee/etc are not permitted on the turf.
5.  All liter must be picked up after all practices and games - nothing is to be left on the field! Users are responsible for the visitor benches as well.
6.  There is to be no parking on the rear access road!  Park in the front parking lot and carry your gear to the field.  Coaches should appoint a parent to redirect visitors to park in the front parking lot. 
7.  If there are scheduling conflicts with field usage, do not resolve it with the other users.  Report conflicts to the field coordinator for your organization who will address with the Rec Dept.
8.  The Rec Dept Code of Conduct applies to the use of Pierce Field
9.  Do not permit players to run on the track with cleats.
10.  Spectators should remain in the grandstand area.  Please ask the spectators to observe the game from behind the track rope. (for safety and helps to keep food and beverage away from the turf)
11.  Absolutely no folding chairs are permitted on the turf or track!