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Tyngsboro Youth Soccer
Inclement Weather Policy
We do play soccer in the rain as long as the field isn't too soft or has standing water, but never in thunderstorms or snow. Below is TYSA’s policy:
Game days will be divided in half for this policy. The decision to cancel all morning games (games starting before 1:00 pm) will be made by 7:00am. All afternoon games (games starting at or after 1:00pm) will be decided by 12 noon. Ultimately the game referee has the authority to determine if safe play can occur.

  1. The home page of our web site will have all cancellations as soon as the decision is made, and the update time will be noted on the page.
  2. Division Coordinators will be notified, who will in turn notify Coaches. Coaches will contact players and visiting opponent coaches.
  3. On away games, the other towns will make the decision concerning their own fields, and will notify our coordinators and coaches.
The soccer fields, as with all other fields in Tyngsboro, are under the control of the Recreation Department. The Recreation Department is responsible for all field closures and openings.