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Field Maintenance Coordinator


The Field Maintenance Coordinator will be responsible for soliciting, training and monitoring volunteers in the preparations of playing fields. Such preparation, includes lines, nets, and goals as is related to having fields ready for game conditions.
·         Secures field use permits as needed. Current fields are: Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School, Wang Institute at Boston University, Community Center and Lakeview School
·         Working with the Registrar scheduling practice and game times for all fields
·         Lay out the fields in Spring and Fall to meet the needs of the Association
·         Refines the fields throughout the season as needed
·         Ensures that an adequate supply of paint is maintained and orders more when needed
·         Puts up the nets at the beginning of the season
·         Regularly checks the nets to be sure that they are adequately affixed to the goals
·         Removes and stores the nets at the end of the season
·         Maintains the lining machine(s), repairing or replacing as necessary
·         Coordinates mowing, watering, repairing or replacing as necessary
·         Develops an annual budget to include replacement of nets, fertilization, seed, paint, and vendor services
·         Develops, administers and monitors constantly an aggressive seeding and fertilization program for the fields
·         Portable toilets to be procured when and as needed