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Referee Coordinator

The Referee Coordinator shall be responsible for soliciting. training , and monitoring of referees at all levels of play. The Coordinator shall generate schedules, select appropriate referees for the appropriate division, run referee clinics for both coaches and the referees, and generate written instructions to all referees at all levels.
The written referee's instructions shall clearly outline where and how any standard rules have been modified to accommodate certain divisions such as the Clinic and also to provide advice as to the interpretation so that judgment calls will be made with consistency throughout the Association.
·         Recruits, trains, and schedules volunteers to referee TYSA In-town and Travel games
·         Coordinating with the Equipment and Supply Coordinator on the acquisition of referee equipment
·         Developing and administering a system for the evaluation of town league referee performance
·         Provides information regarding clinics
·         Develops a program for referee training and certification, including: a TYSA certification program
·         Monitoring NVYSL certification requirements and publicizing those to the membership
·         Prepares a presentation for the Coaches Meeting