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As we welcome everyone back to the soccer season we wanted to reinforce the conduct guidelines we expect for inter-town games going forward. Please review these guidelines and expectations as spectators.

  • The game is to be played for the enjoyment and safety of the PLAYERS. Under 8 soccer is recreational and instructional ONLY.
  • It is expected that coaches, parents, and players respect every individual on the field.
  • It is expected that there be NO yelling at players, referees, or coaches. Positive comments only.
  • If a team is winning the game by 5 or more goals, it is the responsibility of the winning coach to offer to the opposing team coach to place an extra player on the field or for the winning coach to remove a player from the field. Strategies should be used to avoid excessive scoring. Strategies may include those listed above, i.e. remove a player from the field, add a player to the field, and/or place stronger players in defensive position or in goal, instruct players to pass the ball three times before shooting on the goal.
  • There should be no interactions with the Officials. Our Officials are 12 and 13-year-old middle school students in many cases. A coach may request subs, point out any safety issues, and respond to any questions from the referee but that is it and the same goes for the parents.
  • Coaches and parents must stay off the field during the game unless a child is injured, then the COACH may enter the field.
  • Teaching the kids sportsmanship at this age will build the foundation for their future soccer experience. Players and coaches should always exchange a COVID socially distant “Good Game” after the final whistle. Players and coaches should always thank the referee after the game. Teams should celebrate wins, but be cognizant of the other team.
  • Please report to your town coordinator if you witness an unruly person at a game.

If unruly or inappropriate behavior persists, the clubs reserve the right to ask spectators to leave the fields of play.