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The Equipment & Supply Coordinator shall administer all the equipment of the Association. During the month of December, the Equipment & Supply Coordinator shall submit a written report to the Board of Directors. The report shall delineate details of the equipment as to numbers, location, condition and suggested replacement. This person shall also interrelate with all vendors who have been approved by TYSA to sell and distribute TYSA uniforms. This would encompass negotiating uniform fees, inventories, etc. The Equipment & Supply Coordinator will be responsible for the development and promulgation of programs for the training of players, coaches and referees. This person also keeps an updated list of TYSA licensed coaches and referees, as well as levels attained.



  • Consults with the three Division and Travel Team Coordinators at the November Board meeting to determine equipment needs for the year
  • Assembles bags of equipment with the authorized inventory (which depends on the level of play) for appropriate coordinators to pick up for their respective coaches
  • Picks "Equipment Needed" lists from the coordinators at the end of the Fall season and when a coach "retires"
  • Places orders with vendors to ensure timely delivery of equipment required for the Spring and Fall seasons
  • Fills gaps in inventory, as needed, for the Fall season after the end of the Spring season
  • Prepares a budget for annual equipment purchases for the January Board meeting
  • Sends bills for equipment to the Treasurer and keeps one copy for the Equipment & Supply Coordinator's file
  • Inventories equipment after the Fall season and provides report at the January Board meeting
  • Orders miscellaneous equipment as needed/requested throughout the year
  • Arranges and coordinates training activities for the TYSA coaches and players