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The Registrar shall oversee all registration and membership activities such that:

  • The Spring registration will be held no later than April 30th with an additional grace period through June 30th for late registrants, or in agreement with MYSA requirements
  • Late registrations are coordinated with the appropriate Division Coordinator, Coach or Registrar who will assign them (on a first come, first serve basis) until all rosters are full
  • The Registrar shall ensure that all players are legally registered, which means the Registrar has received all of the appropriate registration forms filled out and signed with the full registration fee within the proper time frame



  • Responsible for all aspects of child and adult registration with TYSA
  • Schedules a date, time and location for registration
  • Coordinates notification of registration with the Secretary
  • Sets up the registration facility ensuring sufficient applications, volunteer forms, other supplies and volunteer help are available
  • Ensures that all registration forms are completed in their entirety
  • Maintains all registration data
  • Coordinates team assignment of all players and coaches
  • Submits all paperwork and other materials to MYSA prior to the MYSA deadline
  • Provides computerized mailing labels of all TYSA Board members as requested
  • Provides listings of currently active adults and players, as requested by Board members
  • Provides to all coaches and Division Coordinators a listing of known allergies, medical problems and emergency phone numbers for team members