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The Secretary shall record the minutes and proceedings of all meetings of the voting members and the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall give to the voting members and the Board of Directors the notice required by these bylaws of every stated or special meeting of the voting members and of the Board of Directors. The Secretary, in general, shall perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary as authorized by law, or as the Board of Directors may require. The Secretary shall retain all ballots cast at the Annual Meeting for a period of at least two years.



  • Maintains the key to the TYSA PO Box and checks daily/weekly for mail
  • Records and maintains the minutes of TYSA meeting and proceedings
  • Notifies the Board and Association members of the appropriate meetings including all Board and Annual Meetings
  • Includes all external correspondence in the Association's records
  • Maintains the official copy of the Bylaws and these job descriptions
  • Maintains a list of all official Board decisions of a policy-setting nature
  • Provides Board members with meeting minutes within one month of that meeting
  • Arranges the Annual meeting, coordinates its sign-in and voting counts
  • Creates the ballots for the Annual Meeting
  • Notifies Association of the registration dates, time and location upon the notification of the Registrar
  • Maintains a file of Accident/Injury reports
  • Assists the President as needed